Climate neutral

We are the first and so far only supplier of food service packaging to offset all CO2 emissions - from the cultivation of raw materials to the delivery of our products to our customers. This means: You receive 100 percent climate-neutral articles from us!

Climate neutral packaging

To this end, we operate carbon management together with the recognised experts from ClimatePartner. This involves recording, calculating and offsetting our packaging and our operational organisation. Of course our CO2 compensations are visible to everyone.

In addition to offsetting emissions, we are continuously working to reduce our CO2 emissions. For example, we are developing new, more climate-friendly materials and are increasingly using bamboo and sugar cane fibers as well as cardboard and palm leaves. 

Klimaneutral ClimatePartner Logo

Better living conditions through afforestation

To offset the emissions, we support an internationally recognized climate protection project in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu - the same region where our Palmware® is harvested and produced. The project helps smallholders to combat increasing deforestation through reforestation measures. The farmers retain ownership of their land and can thus earn a living from the fruits, nuts and forestry products they harvest. In India alone, the International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST) project covers 671.8 hectares. In addition to the farmers, the climate also benefits from the reforestation, as tropical forests in particular store a lot of CO2. 

At ClimatePartner you can find detailed information about the Climate protection project and our Palmware® supplier. 

Bäuerin im Kasigau Wildlife Korridor

Previous successes and CO2 balance

Mit unserem bisherigen Klimaschutzprojekt im Kasigau Wildlife Korridor in Kenia konnten wir bereits über 11.000 Tonnen CO2 einsparen. Das ist vergleichbar mit der CO2 Menge, die 1000 Deutsche pro Jahr produzieren. Das Projekt schützt bestehenden Trockenwald und Savanne auf einer Fläche von circa 200.000 Hektar. Indem alternative Arbeitsplätze für die lokale Bevölkerung geschaffen werden, sinkt die Abhängigkeit von mit Entwaldung verbundenen Einnahmequellen. Ausgebildete Ranger bewachen und schützen das Gebiet und bewahren so den Lebensraum von Löwen, Zebras, Geparden, Elefanten und eine Vielzahl von Vogelarten.

Ein tolles Projekt, bei dem wir froh sind mitgewirkt haben zu dürfen! Bei ClimatePartner gibt es genaue Informationen über das von uns unterstützte Climate protection project